The Bridal Chamber

cosmic void and Valentinus imagecosmic void and Valentinus imagecosmic void and Valentinus image
" The experience of the Void is the most enigmatic and paradoxical of all the transpersonal experience. It is experiential identification with the primordial Emptiness, Nothingness and Silence, which seen to be the ultimate cradle of alla existence" - Stanislav Grof

Jorden och dess galax lever i en kosmisk öken - en region av rymden i stort sett tom på andra galaxer, stjärnor och planeter. Jordens galax Vintergatan är en del av 'the COSMIC VOID". De mesta av vårt universum är helt enkelt ingenting! Den accelererande expansionen av vårt universum sker i 'the voids' som helt och hållet knuffar bort saker i dess omgivning, driver i sönder galaxerna och upplöser 'the great cosmic web' som tog miljarder av år att konstruera. Vi flyter inom ett 'cosmic void' som omslutar en miljard ljusår tvärsöver! Enorma tomma utrymmen finns i universum. Själva utgångspunkten av livet själv och den fundamentala verkligheten av kosmos verkar helt enkelt som ett vidsträckande VOID.

"Voids, vast expanses of nearly empty space, account for about 80 percent of the observable universe" - Marina Koren

"The largest void that we currently know of is known as the Giant Void, and it’s located about 1.5 billion light-year away. It has a diameter of 1 billion to 1.3 billion light-years acrossAs the expansion of the Universe continues, these voids are going to get even larger. The walls and filaments connecting clusters of galaxies will stretch and break. The voids will merge with each other, and only gravitationally bound galaxy clusters will remain as islands, adrift in the expanding emptiness" - Fraser Cain

Men faktum kvarstår; the eternal void is filled with infinite possibilities! Kan även kallas ZERO POINT ENERGY! Zero Point energi är det som driver kosmos - energi som existerar i allt och är allt. Även dig! Du kan få tillgång till 'the infinite possibilities' lagrad i Zero Point energi - du är inte separat från det! Du är i förbindelse till hela universum i form av ZERO POINT. Till din egna pol av 'infinite possibilities' kan du 'ladda' ner ifrån denna 'infinite realm of realties'. När folk tittade inombords i själen och 'föll' 'into the void of nothingness': THE ZERO POINT WAS BORN!

"I ett ZeroPoint fält av kosmiskt medvetande kan man uppleva kosmisk tomhet – a void. Dock paradoxalt, det är också en essentiell fullhet där allt existerar – innehållandes all existens potentiellt. Den är ‘havande’ med möjligheten av allt som finns inkluderat förkroppsligandet av vår 'birthright'; helhet i form av hälsa och välmående."  - ZeroPoint Embodiment

"The Sacred Void (quantum field of pure potentiality) is the womb of creation. This primordial source (the I AM) KAN SÄGAS vara THE ZERO POINT FIELD OF POSSIBILITY. Nothingness is the shapeless and formless construct where everything is imagined and created into being. This timeless nameless and dimensionless realm is the empty canvas that contains all content" - Spiritual Anonymous 

"The universe is an infinite oppurtunity creation machine ready to download! The Void is both the source of nothingness and at the very same time the source of everythingness. In short, the VOID is the limitless context in which your entire world is both appearing and disappearing" - Chuck Hillig 


In the rich tapestry of Gnostic spirituality, the teachings of Valentinus stand out for their profound insights into the nature of divine love, the soul's journey, and the ultimate goal of mystical union. Central to Valentinian Gnosticism is the concept of the Bridal Chamber, a symbolic space representing the reunion of the soul with the divine, transcending the dualities of existence. At the heart of Valentinian practice was the Bridal Chamber, a ritual and metaphorical space where the initiate experienced a sacramental union with the divine. This union was not physical but symbolized the soul's reunion with its divine counterpart, restoring the primordial oneness.
The holographic principle posits that each part of the universe contains the whole in a fractal-like pattern, suggesting that the deepest realities are inherently interconnected. When applied to the Valentinian Bridal Chamber, this principle illuminates the mystical path to union with the divine. The path to the Bridal Chamber involves a profound inner transformation, a journey through layers of self and existence to reach the core of one's being where the divine spark resides.Valentinian Gnosticism teaches that through gnosis, the soul awakens to its true nature and the illusory boundaries between self and the divine begin to dissolve, revealing the holographic nature of existence where separation is but a shadow. The Bridal Chamber serves as a mirror, reflecting the soul's divine origin and destiny. In this sacred space, the distinctions between the individual and the divine blur, unveiling the holographic truth that the individual is an integral part of the divine whole. 

The concept of the Bridal Chamber, interpreted through the lens of the holographic cosmos, presents a vision of reality where the journey toward mystical union is both a personal quest for inner awakening and a cosmic process of reunification with the divine. In the intricate web of Gnostic thought, Valentinus’s teachings offer a unique lens through which to explore the nature of existence, the soul's journey, and the profound experience of the cosmic spiritual void. This void, far from being a mere absence, is a fertile ground for transformation and the ultimate realization of the soul's divine nature. Delving into the cosmic spiritual void through the teachings of Valentinus, we uncover a path that leads beyond the boundaries of conventional understanding, into the heart of the mystical experience. Valentinian Gnosticism posits the existence of a primordial void, a concept that transcends the notion of emptiness or nothingness as understood in a material sense. This void is the backdrop against which the emanations of the divine unfold, a state of potentiality from which all forms of existence emerge. It is both the womb of creation and the canvas of the cosmos, holding within it the possibility for all that is, was, and will be. The cosmic void is not an absence but a presence, filled with the unmanifest potential of the Pleroma’s fullness.
Valentinus teaches that gnosis—the knowledge of the divine—serves as the vessel by which the soul navigates the cosmic void. Gnosis is more than intellectual understanding; it is an experiential, transformative wisdom that reorients the soul's perception of itself and the cosmos. Through gnosis, the void is revealed not as a chasm of despair but as a space of profound spiritual opportunity, where the illusions of separation and materiality dissolve, and the soul's inherent unity with the divine is rediscovered. 

The teachings of Valentinus invite us to embrace the cosmic spiritual void not as a realm to be feared but as an essential aspect of the soul's journey towards wholeness. The void, with its profound silence and darkness, offers the space for deep introspection, purification, and preparation for the soul's return to the divine fullness. It is in the heart of the void that the soul finds its true strength, resilience, and the capacity for unconditional love and surrender to the divine will. 
Valentinus's exploration of the cosmic spiritual void presents a nuanced understanding of the soul's journey through the complexities of existence. This journey is a spiraling dance of descent and ascent, where the void serves as both the challenge and the catalyst for spiritual awakening. In the embrace of the void, the soul discovers the boundless depths of its own divine nature and the eternal presence of the divine fullness. Valentinus the HOLOSOPHER!