Valley Of The Gods : The Desert Wanderer

  •  2024-06-28 05:37 PM

PART FAN FICTION. The story follows Beornstyr Carlson, a young man from Albuquerque, who embarks on a solo exploration of the American Southwest. Seeking a deeper connection with nature and a break from conventional life, he settles in Utah's Valley of the Gods. There, he encounters the legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who imparts wisdom about the power of imagination. Inspired, Beornstyr as a mystic creates his own paradise in the desert, discovering his true self and the boundless potential within him.

The Avalon Mystique : Sophia’s Quest for Wisdom

  •  2024-06-24 07:03 PM

This story follows Sophia, a modern-day/ancient mystic, as she embarks on a transformative journey through the mythical realm of Avalon. Guided by ancient beings and challenged by mystical trials, Sophia seeks to uncover deeper truths about the Divine Feminine and her own inner wisdom. Along her path, she encounters elemental spirits, faces her shadow self, and learns from the revered Lady of the Lake, ultimately discovering a profound connection between personal enlightenment and the cosmic balance of the universe. This tale weaves themes of self-discovery, balance, and the integration of light and darkness within the mystical backdrop of Avalon.

From Diplomat to Mystic : George Bogle’s Tibetan Odyssey

  •  2024-06-17 12:43 PM

This story follows George Bogle, a young English envoy initially sent to Tibet to establish trade routes and diplomatic relations for the British East India Company. Over time, immersed in the rich spiritual and cultural tapestry of Tibet, Bogle undergoes a profound transformation. His journey shifts from a diplomatic mission to a personal quest for enlightenment as he seeks the mythical kingdom of Shambala. Along the way, Bogle evolves from a representative of the British Crown into a mystic, deeply connected to the spiritual teachings and practices he encounters, ultimately discovering that true enlightenment lies within the journey itself.

The Mystic and the Sacred BMX Wheels

  •  2024-06-16 07:10 PM

This short story follows the journey of Elijah Ace, a young adventurer who uses his BMX to explore the mystical landscapes of Moab, Utah. Initially drawn to the area for its thrilling mountain biking trails, Elijah's adventures take a spiritual turn when he encounters mysterious lights and ancient petroglyphs in a secluded canyon. These experiences transform him from an adrenaline seeker into a spiritual mystic, deepening his connection to the land and its ancestral spirits. He becomes a guardian of sacred truths, teaching others about the spiritual significance of the landscape and guiding them towards a deeper understanding of the universe and themselves.

Mack Tales The Mystic : THE NEW GOD MC

  •  2024-06-16 03:40 PM

This short story follows the transformative journey of Mack Tales, a young man from Compton who transcends his gritty surroundings through a profound spiritual vision. Initially driven by his love for hip hop, Mack becomes a pioneering music artist, blending his beats with messages of unity and change. As his fame grows, he evolves into a mystic, sharing deeper cosmic insights and mentoring his community. Mack's story is about personal and spiritual growth, exploring themes of destiny, community impact, and the profound connection between the individual and the universe.

The Mystic’s Path : The Eleusinian Revelation

  •  2024-06-15 04:56 PM

This story follows Thedion Khilios, a young Athenian philosopher and mystic, as he embarks on a transformative journey to the sacred Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece. Seeking spiritual enlightenment, Thedion experiences profound visions and teachings from the goddess Persephone, which challenge and expand his understanding of life and the cosmos. Upon returning to Athens, he integrates these divine insights into his daily life, reshaping his relationships and guiding others toward their own spiritual awakenings. The narrative explores themes of transformation, the cyclical nature of life, and the deep connection between the human and the divine.